Sergio Alonso Escultor Death infarcts/cvas (cerebrovascular accidents) transient ischemic attack (tia) neurologic deficit that lasts less than 24hrs followed by complete recovery. Completed stroke persistent neurologic deficit. Viagra and high blood pressure stroke Risk factors: atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart valve disease, arteritis, etc. Major sites for occlusion: internal carotid bifurcation, middle cerebral art. , basilar art. Course: 1-3 min. Occlusion = infarction 8-12 hrs. = gross brain normal 36-48 hrs = gross edema and liquefaction 1 mo. = gross cavitation 6 mo. = complete cavitation thrombosis in situ: pale/bland infarct embolism: red/hemorrhagic infarct clinical: tia's: carotid - contralateral weakness and paresthesia. generic viagra manufacturers india Leg>arm. Amaurosis fugax. Vertebrobasilar - vertigo, ataxia, diplopia, dysarthria, paresthesia stroke: anterior cerebral art. - contralateral hemiplegia/paresis urinary incontinence behavioral and memory changes middle cerebral art. generic viagra online - contralateral hemiplegia/paresis aphasia posterior cerebral art. - contralateral hemiplegia/paresis face/upper extrem. > legs visual loss spontaneous nontraumatic hemorrhage intraparenchymal: major risk factor is hypertension. cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy Major site is basal ganglia charcot-bouchard microaneurysms clinical: peak age is 60 acute focal deficits intracranial pressure subarachnoid hemorrhage: saccular/berry aneurysm (1% of pop. ) major site is circle of willis clinical: average age 20-50 50% mortality rate sudden severe headache vomiting loss of consciousness nuchal rigidity complications: infarction, hydrocephalus, herniation. Vascular malformations (avm's) developmental abnormalities of angiogenesis. chemone liquid viagra Most commonly associated with middle cerebral artery. viagra daily dose reviews Rupture occurs from age 10-? Other forms: cavernous angiomas capillary telangiectasias venous angiomas cns trauma the most common forms of cns trauma: 1. generic viagra without presciption usa Epidural hematoma 2. viagra 911 call Subdural hematoma 3. buy viagra online cheap Parenchymal injury a. Concussion b. Diffuse axonal injury (dai) c. Contusions epidural hematoma: middle meningeal artery rupture with temporal bone fracture. Arterial bleeding leads to medical emergency. order viagra online Lucid period may complicate treatment. Subdural hematoma: disruption of bridging veins connecting dural sinuses and cerebral surface. viagra daily dose reviews Acute subdural hematoma is often seen with history of trauma. buy real viagra online Acceleration/deacceleration injury major injury seen in shaken baby syndrome. buy viagra with debit card Chronic subdural hematoma not always seen in conjunction with trauma history. is generic viagra safe Brain atrophy predisposes to chronic subdural formation. Collagenous granulation tissue derived from fibroblasts of dura. Diferencia viagra 5 mg 20 mg Parenchymal injury: concussion: transient loss of consciousness, retro and/or antegrade amnesia,seizures,paresis/paralysis. viagra online forsale Resolution in hours-days. Lack of gross brain injury. canadian pharmacy viagra soft tabs Dai: white matter. Female viagra buy